Why STRYD is useful for EVERYDAY runners!

  • by Kei Basar
Why STRYD is useful for EVERYDAY runners!

Stryd enables you to understand the real-time effort regardless of terrain.

Power Terrains
270W Flat
297W 2% Ascent
267W 2% Descent
240W 10% Decent

You will know that you spend roughly 10% more effort running on the 2% ascent segment, similar effort on the 2% descent, and much less effort on the 10% decent segment. Pace cannot tell you that, and HR might be affected by many factors.

Stryd helps you prepare better for your race, and execute your plan with even pacing.

How does it work with power?

  1. Test yourself on a short distance or use previous race results to understand your baseline.
  2. Stryd can predict the power you can maintain for an event with your baseline.
  3. You can finish strong and optimize your performance during the race by paying attention to Power.

With Stryd you can quantify running stress for the first time.

To quantify stress you must use a metabolic estimate. That would be wrong if we are using Pace and Distance to quantify stress. HR might be the closest to Power but many runners still cannot get a reasonable HR reading even if the watch provides high-quality HR measurements.

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