Light up your path wherever you go! | Torchlights that we love!

  • by Sandra Phoon
Light up your path wherever you go! | Torchlights that we love!

Torching the way!

Here’s an idea for those of you who want to get away from it all but also have an itch for adventure.

Go for a hike or a camping trip in the great outdoors with your family!

Now if this is your first time, you want to make sure you have everything in place for the perfect trip!

 Perhaps one of the more important things for a camping trip besides water, are flashlights! It is crucial to have an illumination tool during the camping trip and hike. Let’s take a look at why we need illumination during our activities!

  • To light up the way

Duhhh! In the wilderness, there would not be street lights for you or switches for you to turn on the light to know where you are going. You want to know where you are heading and to make sure you do not trip on slippery and uneven surfaces or over tree trunks!

We know you what you are thinking, “But my phone has a flashlight function”. And yes we hear you, but the flashlight on a mobile is simply not bright enough to light up a path!

  • To search for items

It is also great as a searching tool if you need to look for a hidden key in the bag or on the ground!

  • To save yourself!

You can use it to disorient animals or if you feel that you are in danger. A sudden bright light may leave them confused and even momentarily blinded giving you some time to decide what your next step is.

  •  Uses other than camping

And when you are not in the wilderness, it serves as a great tool in case of a power outage!

The bigger question now is should we go head-mounted or handheld?

Head-mounted lights are usually called headlamps while handhelds are the flashlights! The most obvious difference of a flashlight is that it is lighter than a headlamp. Traditional torchlights can be pretty heavy but that cannot be the only difference, right? We’ve decided to come up with a list of differences between both for you to decide which would suit your activity most!

For sure both devices have their pros and cons. So depending on what your activity is, pick the best device to suit your needs to make the experience as enjoyable as possible! However, if you are worried about the weight of a flashlight, check these flashlights out at

  1. Fenix E16 XP-L Hi Neutral White LED Flashlight BLACK 700 Lumen
  2. Fenix E18R XP-L Hi Led Flashlight Black 750 Lumen
  3. LEDLENSER K4R Key Ring Light

We like them because of their size, weight, and the amount of light they can emit! Really gives the headlamps a run for their money ;)



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