Here's an Ultra-Marathoner's secret to Supercharged Recovery!

  • by Sandra Phoon
Here's an Ultra-Marathoner's secret to Supercharged Recovery!

Here's a Quick FIX BIX for your recovery!

Everyone talks about training, but how many people actually focus on their Recovery?

After a hard workout, your muscle fibers break from damage and there is lactic acid build up in your body. To recover, these muscle fibers need to heal and sufficient fluid is required to deliver important minerals and nutrients in your body.

What if we told you that there was a way to improve your recovery process? Interested in this quick fix?

Vlad Ixel, professional trail and ultra runner has formulated a hydration tablet that aims to kick start your recovery process – BIX Hydration. Most of the hydration tablets we find in the market aim at providing the necessary nutrients and minerals during your workout.

What makes BIX Hydration different from the others?

However, BIX hydration tablets are the first in the world to include Co-Q10, BCAA’s and Bromelain, which are all necessary in promoting muscle recovery! This targets the areas of after your workout!

If we look deeper into the ingredients, we note that:

  • CO-Q10 can be found naturally in our daily diet mostly through organ meats, nuts and seeds. It promotes heart health and blood flow which is necessary for recovery.
  • BCAA’s are protein building blocks also found in meat, soy proteins as well as nuts. This is incredibly important in the repairing of damaged muscles during exercise.
  • Bromelain is found in the stems of pineapples and acts as an anti-inflammatory, relieving pain which means reducing the dreaded DOMS!

    Instead of ingesting ridiculous amounts of food just to get one particular mineral needed or taking many different tablets for the right amounts needed for recovery, we’ve discovered that the fix is with BIX!

    With the combination of the discussed three important nutrients along with 11 other vitamins and minerals in just one BIX hydration tablet, we are sure you can maintain optimum levels of hydration during your workout as well as recovery!

    To be honest, we LOVE the flavor... It helps us keep going

    Now with that said, BIX Hydration does not only provide you with the necessities for recovery. It comes in an Orange Mango flavor but personally, when we tested it after our workout, we tasted more orange than mango.

    The package recommends that you dilute the tablet in 200ml of water but the thing we love about BIX is how the flavor mixes well in other drinks as well!

    Must-Try After Workout Smoothies with BIX Recovery.

    Check out these tasty recovery smoothies that will help you recover better

    After reading the interview with athlete Ivan Vlasenko on how he consumed his hydration, we decided to try out our BIX tablets in a smoothie like him too! We tried two recipes and absolutely loved it so give it a try too and maybe even create your own smoothie and share it with us!


    Hydration is not just about replacing water in your body. It is also necessary for optimal performance! The faster you recover, the faster you can get back out there and hit that next work out. So, bottoms up!

    You can purchase BIX Recovery Effervescent Tablets at today!

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