Exercising during Ramadan in Malaysia - Part 2

  • by Ashley Chong

Welcome back to the second part of the BigBigPlace x TheKeiShow blog on ‘How to train during Puasa’. We are now midway into Ramadan, and this gives us only a few more days to focus more on the spiritual side and train under fasted conditions.

Training during Ramadan is a huge challenge for athletes and people should come up with a clear set of goals. This is the time to take a step back and refocus on things that you might not be able to do during normal days.

Set a clear cut goal!

Here are a few examples of clear-cut goals that you should set in mind:

“I want to maintain my muscle mass”

“I want to maintain at least 50% of my normal mileage”

“I want to lose more weight”

“I want to train my cadence to 180 rpm”

“I want to improve my aerobic capacity”


Plus, remember that you still need to focus on your daily job too. It’s not worth to sacrifice your daily routine, just to be able to work out at night. Make sure you hydrate yourself well and have enough sleep so that your body can adapt to your training.

Set a time frame

Once you have set your goals, it is easier for you to train within a time frame. Say you want to train for 30 or 60 minutes, you can create a training plan that fits and focusing on the essential parts.

For example, if you want to improve your running form focus on drills that you can do in 30 minutes such as ankling, butt kicks, bounding etc. Being mindful is essential during these practices.



Here’s an example that you can model during Ramadhan

Working out in the morning

4.30 AM Wake up

4.50 AM Workout for 30 minutes

5.20 AM Eat sahur and drink enough water

5.40 AM Subuh, stop eating

Working out before Breaking Fast

6.50 PM Workout for 30 minutes (Low intensity cardio)

7.20 PM Breakfast with light meal (Fruits, dates, BCAA and hydrate)

7.25 PM Prayers

7.30 PM Eat heavier meals

Working out at night

7.20 PM Breakfast with light meal (Fruits, dates, BCAA and hydrate)

7.25 PM Prayers

8.30PM Starts training heavily

10.00PM Eat heavier meals

(This option might be a bit more anti-social if you plan not to do tarawih prayers in Masjid)

Overall, remember that the month of Ramadan is a month of blessing, where you should focus more on your spirituality, rather than the worldly. Train sufficiently, and you will be given more blessing in other forms.

Wishing everyone the best for the last few days of Ramadan.

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