Getting back on track! (After Raya)

  • by Sandra Phoon

With the end of the holy month of Ramadhan comes the rich food, the quality time with family and friends, and of course, for some of you running enthusiasts out there, the hardcore training resumes! Yes, we’re talking about you!  

As excited as you are to get back to training, we’d like to give out a couple of pointers before you dive head first into a hard speed session or a 30 km long run this weekend!

  1. Keep it FLEXIBLE 

The holidays sometimes mean that you will have travel and family obligations that will affect your running time. So our first tip is to incorporate alternative training strategies so you still get a workout done. Instead of a run, maybe you could do a body workout in the comforts of your home or even a gym session if the facility is available. Switch it up with a swim also if there is a pool available! You can even play a different sport like badminton to get your body moving. This way, you can even involve your family members! 


  1. Start with where your current fitness level is at!

You want to ensure a smooth transition from a period of low-intensity workout to ramping up your training sessions. A smooth transition will help you prevent injury and overexertion!  

Depending on how seasoned you are as a runner, start with a short run. For beginners, try an easy 3 – 5 km run at low intensity. For the pseudo pro athletes, an easy 10 km run is possible but always listen to your body and know when to back off if it gets too hard. This first run should be at an easy chit chat pace with your heart rate hovering around the lower levels of Zone 2.

  1. Rebuild your endurance

What you want to do is to slowly rebuild the mileage. Do not rush into it! Do not try to pick up where you left that last long run. It will put too much demand on your muscles and can easily lead to injury. A general rule is to increase your mileage by only 10 % per week!

  1. Plan your runs in advance

The holidays will be filled with friends and family around. We understand that it may be difficult to find time to sneak away for a long run or a workout at the track. What you should do is to look at your schedule and plan your week in advance.  

You can plan for short runs early in the mornings before you head over to a relative’s place! Again, short runs are good because remember you are restarting your routine. You can even plan a run with a fellow runner friend you will be visiting back in your hometown or even explore a new running route in the area you are at. You’ll not only get a workout done but you’ll have some fun along the way! 

  1. Listen to your body

Lastly, remember to always listen to your body. While there are many running guides and workout plans out there, you do not need to follow them 100%. It is always important to listen to your body. If you feel a slight niggle, back off the mileage or the intensity. Only YOU know your body best.  

Good luck, runner! Stay safe on the road whether you are driving, cycling or running! We at BigBigPlace would like to wish all our Muslim readers a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin!



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