Tomir 1.0 vs. Tomir 2.0: a step further

  • by Khairul Ariffin
Tomir 1.0 vs. Tomir 2.0: a step further

Explore the Evolution of Tomir: 1st vs. 2nd Versions Compared


Tomir 1.0 

Tomir 2.0 

Weight (8.5 UK – 42 ⅔ EU)

284 g

288 g


8 mm

8 mm


Front: 23 mm / Rear: 31 mm

Front: 25 mm / Rear: 33 mm

Midsole cushioning

EVA 50 – low density foam

EExpure 45C supercritical foam




Lug profile

33 lugs of 5mm

33 lugs of 5mm

Sole surface (8.5 UK - 42 ⅔ EU)

272 cm2

290 cm2

Upper material

Ripstop TPE

Ripstop TPE


Medium fit with a spacious toe box

Medium fit with a spacious toe box


Preformed insole

Ortholite insole with molded arch

360 Stitch


360 degree nylon stitch around the outsole, midsole & upper construction

Improved rocker shape


Adjusted toe spring for improved propulsion forward

Since its introduction, Tomir has emerged as a symbol of strength and endurance, highly regarded for its traction, sturdiness, and ability to navigate various landscapes.

Now, the Tomir lineage advances with the debut of Tomir 2.0, a footwear innovation shaped by insights from the NNormal community. Explore the distinctions between the original and the latest iteration, and select your preferred choice.

Technical comparison

Find out about the Tomir line and its new version, the Tomir 2.0.

  1. To Run longer

    If you have tried the NNormal Tomir shoe, you will know that its Vibram® MEGAGRIP sole is ideal for feeling secure in any condition and terrain. With the goal of keeping this shoe a long distance icon, we have improved the geometry of its midsole, which has been expanded by 4 and 7 mm at two significant points for foot stability.

    The improved rocker and midsole geometry of the Tomir 2.0 ensures a smoother, lower-impact run, allowing for more comfortable running over longer periods. With a slightly wider base, you will feel greater stability and a more secure ground contact sensation.

  2. Built Stronger

    In its first version, the Tomir shoe was designed to perform perfectly in any type of distance, terrain, and activity. In fact, it was designed to be resistant and highly adaptable to each foot type, making it a perfect shoe for all types of runners. Its strength, among others, is durability. As we unveil the Tomir 2.0, we’re making a price adjustment to the Tomir 1.0 so you keep rocking with it .

    Its improved version, the Tomir 2.0, has been designed with the same objective, but after attentively listening to the feedback from the NNormal community. After a lengthy research process, we have developed a shoe that is even more durable, resistant, and comfortable than its previous version.

    The key to this lies in the use of new materials in its upper and midsole:
    • 360 Nylon thread stitching in the midsole
    • New anti-slip fabric laces 

  3. More Cushioning

    Cushioning is undoubtedly one of the most valued features of the Tomir shoe, as it largely represents energy savings. Knowing this, we aimed to make it an even more resilient shoe, so we used a high-rebound EExpure midsole as in our racing icon Kjerag.

    This new supercritical foam compound, which is also lighter, increases cushioning and energy savings during running, allowing you to run with less effort and, therefore, go further. 

Tomir 2.0: An improved version for you

Thus, the Tomir 2.0 comes to the market as a renewed version of our most versatile and adaptable shoe. Its main improvements lie in the enhanced durability of its materials, the renewed geometry of its midsole (stability), and the implementation of new materials also in the midsole (greater rebound).
All these improvements have been possible thanks to the feedback from an active community and a research process that has allowed us to go a step further, offering a perfect shoe for any condition, terrain, and foot type.


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