TEN Camping Must Haves Part 1

  • by Sandra Phoon
TEN Camping Must Haves Part 1

Imagine this, you are on that long awaited getaway into the woods. The tranquility of the night couldn’t be any better! It is peaceful, it is serene and you want a worry-free getaway amidst all that is happening.

Let us show you our top 10 must have items that will make that camping trip that much better!

Here are the first 5!

  1. Claymore Fan V600

One of our first must haves during a camping trip especially in the hot and humid weather of Malaysia is a portable rechargeable fan. The Claymore Fan needs a charging time of only 4 hours and can easily be carried and stored in your trunk to be brought over to the campsite! It can be used for a total of 5 hours and with adjustable up and down angles, it is great for a comfortable experience. We always want to pick fans that are of top quality with high performing motors to run that much needed wind speed and the Claymore just does that!

  1. Biolite Wood & Charcoal Burning FirePit

Camping with a steak on the grill? Yes, a steak, you heard us right! The Biolite is a portable burning fire pit that has collapsible legs so you can easily pack it in the trunk of your car to your campsite! It has 51 air jets that inject fire with oxygen creating a more uniform temperature and reduces the amount of smoke produced.

We tried it and it created perfect and evenly cooked burger patties for our little cook out session. We also love how the technology built in allows us to control the size of flames wirelessly through our smartphones!

  1. LEDLENSER MH10 Rechargeable Headlamp

Equip yourself with a rechargeable headlamp during your camping trip so that the night hike can be done with a well illuminated path. It keeps your hands free while you maneuver through the process of setting up camp, reading a map or an instruction guide. With a maximum of 600 lumens, The LEDLENSER MH10 even lights up the way in the middle of the night so you can head to the bathroom without worrying about tripping over a log in your path!

  1. Caribee Cooler King Chair

Once you reach your campsite and have set up camp, you obviously cannot wait to just sit back, put your feet up and soak up all that nature has to offer. The perfect chair for you to do all that in is the Caribee Cooler King Chair! It is a portable folding chair with integrated cooler pockets and insulated bottle holders in the arm rest.

The back rest is fully padded for added comfort that you could just sit there the whole night. On that sit down, you just want to let loose and not have a single worry especially not about falling off wobbly chairs. The premium quality steel frame makes it durable and allows a 150kg load rate so we trust you will definitely feel secure in your seat.

  1. CasusGrill One-Time Use Instant Grill

What is a camping trip without a good grill right? Another option to a burning firepit is an instant grill! We picked the CasusGrill because it is easy to light up and reaches grilling temperature fairly quickly in only 5 minutes and retains this head for over 60 minutes!

It is made of all natural materials and can easily be disposed in a bonfire without harming the environment. We love the ease of use of it as it is easy to assemble and for some of our testers here who are not very familiar with a grilling session, we were impressed by the chicken wings and hot dogs that they managed to cook up!

We hope you are ready for the next part because it involves food, drinks and THE BEST item to chill on!

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