What to give if your family or friends who are runners or outdoor enthusiast ? | BigBigPlace

  • by Ashley Chong
What to give if your family or friends who are runners or outdoor enthusiast ? | BigBigPlace

We are left with a few days before the start of 2020 where we dreamt of flying cars, and if you wish to gift a friend, your parents, or your rival something to help them stay fit or start for next year, check out the list below:




Moreland 234 Bullet Rain Jacket

Price: RM25.50 ( -15% Discount from 11 Dec - 20 Dec ) Click Here

As we approach the year-end, the monsoon season might hinder outdoor goers to run or to train outdoors. Fear not, keep the compact Bullet rain jacket in your back pocket of your shorts just in case if it drizzles. 

Bigbigplace Moreland 234 Jacket


2XU MCS Elite Compression Tights

Price: RM499 ( -30% OFF RRP: RM715 From 11 to 20 Dec ) | Buy Here: Men | Women

Preparing for that ‘New Year, New Me’ resolution? The 2XU MCS Elite compression will be the spark that will keep you going to the gym to keep that New Year’s resolution. Get the run specific MCS run if you feel that you run more instead.

BigBigPlace 2XU MCS Elite


Suunto 5 Multisport GPS Watches

Price: RM1349  ( -10% Discount from 11 Dec - 20 Dec ) RRP: RM1499 | Click here

Unlike its bigger brother Suunto 9, the smaller yet stylish Suunto 5 boasts better fitness tracking and amazing colorways. Ready to hit the trails or the meeting room.


Biolite CampStove 2

Price: RM659

Click here: Biolite CampStove 2

Bringing the kids and family to camp and enjoy the outdoors, and they still worry about where to charge their phones? The Biolite CampStove 2 turns fire into electricity.



Price: Apex White 46mm RM1274.15 | 42mm RM1104.15
(Rare -15% Promo Only on 12.12.2019)

Buy Here: APEX White 46 mm | APEX White 42 mm

While we don’t have White Christmases in Malaysia (more like Wet Christmas), how about you give your loved ones a White Apex with this special offer. The COROS APEX 46mm White has a distinct look that can go well with most outfits, and still outlast you with its 35 hours of battery life.

Petzl Actik Core

Price: RM 269 (-30% OFF from RRP: RM385 From 11 Dec to 20 Dec)
Buy it here: Actik Core

Contemplating between charging or bring batteries to your upcoming event next year? How about both? The Petzl Actik Core comes with the Core battery and works with normal AAA batteries that you can buy from any convenience store. Very convenient.



Price: From RM376 to RM756

Check the Collection here: Slastik Collection

Looking for a pair of Sunglasses that are hard to lose? Slastik Sunglasses has a unique way of hanging around your neck, so that you will always know where to look when you need them


Ciele Running Caps

Price: From RM175 - RM215
Check the collection here: Ciele Running Caps

Function meets fashion while running. The Ciele running caps are great for runners who want to be spotted easily in the crowd. An amazing gift for those who want to have more photos during events.


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